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Clay Jackson has been made mute by a curse that turned him and his friends into spiritual mediums. Dyslexic and unable to read he is left with very little means to communicate the things he sees and hears.They work for Mr. Gary, owner of the Wandering Star Carnival.
Ruby Sloan was made deaf by the curse that affected her and her friends. She is able to let the spirits talk through her, even though she cannot hear what they say.
Morton was blinded by the curse that affected him and his friends. He serves as a medium to the spirits through automatic writing.
Aloitious Husker is the albino and sometimes ring master at the Wandering Star carnival. He is also the manager of the conjoined twins Miranda and Milena Humbolt.
humboltsisters006aMiranda and Milena Humbolt are conjoined acrobats and dancers at the Wandering Star Carnival.
HaroldBlankenshipHarold Blankenship is the manager of the Wandering Star Carnival, a barker and son in law of Mr. Gary.
VereenWalkerVereen Walker is the tattooed lady, sword sallower, snake dancer of the Wandering Star Carnival.

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