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Name: Levi Levi
About: Levi is a detective and odd jobs man who considers almost any job and is only happy when working.

Name: Annie Shaw
About: Levi Levi and Annie Shaw met when he was following the Time Twins into their highschool science club. Annie’s membership in the math club lead Levi to offer her a job as his accountant.

Name: Ozwald “Oz” Crow
About: Oz is Annie’s older half brother who hung around when Levi first hired Annie in order to ensure his sister was safe and unmolested.
Oz Oz006

Name: The Time Twins, Clement and Rosalie Skitt
About: Clement and Rosalie Skitt expanded their science expertise in the science club of Annie’s high school. While on a job, Levi saw Clement and recognized him from the past.
Clement Rosalie

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