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As the mascot of the LeEMS machine, he is like a quiet sphinx guardian that laser kills those with impure intentions (yeah, that was a possibly incorrect reference to The Neverending Story) except Idge does not have laser eyes.



Vinny Cannaesi is the personification of a golden 1974 Plymouth Vanliant. He is the cousin of Carmine Cannaesi, though not as involved in gang leadership or restaurant management.



Carmine Cannaesi is a gang leader and restaurant manager as well as the personification of a cherry red G310 SG style Gibson Guitar. He is Vinny’s cousin.



Crisco is Richard and LeEtta’s pet cat. He hollers a lot about what he is doing, annoys Sparkles and binge eats.



Sparkles is also a cat of Richard and LeEtta’s. She has a tiny voice for her hefty size and is generally un-amused by anything Crisco is doing.

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