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As the mascot of the LeEMS machine, he is like a quiet sphinx guardian that laser kills those with impure intentions (yeah, that was a possibly incorrect reference to The Neverending Story) except Idge does not have laser eyes.



Vinny Cannaesi is the personification of a golden 1974 Plymouth Vanliant. He is the cousin of Carmine Cannaesi, though not as involved in gang leadership or restaurant management.



Carmine Cannaesi is a gang leader and restaurant manager as well as the personification of a cherry red G310 SG style Gibson Guitar. He is Vinny’s cousin.



Crisco is Richard and LeEtta’s pet cat. He hollers a lot about what he is doing, annoys Sparkles and binge eats.



Sparkles is also a cat of Richard and LeEtta’s. She has a tiny voice for her hefty size and is generally un-amused by anything Crisco is doing.

Comic migration

Comic migration published on No Comments on Comic migration

I had this great idea…that my primary running comics, like Levi Levi and No Evil, would be better served if they had something more like their own site. This idea came with an over-all comics site, where you are now, that would be the parent or overarching container for the comics.

The implementation of the idea required migrating all the comics I had previously published on the Bean.  What this might mean to you is that the author commentary on most of the migrated comics will be lost and that the dates of posting are completely fictitious.

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