Title: Little River Love Story
Genre:  Fairy tale love story for everyone
Summary:  Little River is a town in Ocean End and Felicitus Snyder lives there, though he doesn't feel as if he fits in.
Status:  completed and online
Title: Peachtree
Genre:  children's fairy tale
Summary:  Peachtree is another town in Ocean End, where the people are very isolated and do not take well to change at all.
Status:  completed and online
Title: 800 Square Miles
Genre:  Science Fiction
Status:  1/2 way there
Summary:  After an asteroid hit the Eastern United States, survivors surrounding the impact began to change in a way that inspired the uneffected to quarantine the area and cut of all communication and supply with those inside. Begun for 2008's NaNoWriMo. I won the 50,000 word challenge, but couldn't manage to finish the story yet. It is the next in line.

An excerpt of this can be found on the Bean.
Title: Chronicles of Plastic Deer
Genre:  Young Adult Romance
Status:  Online at
Summary:  My homage to the teen romance explosion of the 70s and 80s.

Willy Steinman, that's short for Wilhelmina, just moved to a new school with her older brother Danny. It has always been the two of them against the world so when Danny joins the hockey team and instantly becomes popular, loner Willy is thrown into a completely unfamiliar world of high-school without her best bro to confide in. Will her awkward romance with the local hockey hero survive Willy's angsty introspection and high school politics?

Started for 2011 NaNoWriMo.

Title: The Devil of Westhope-Fairview
Genre:  Science Fiction Fantasy
Status:  1/2 way there
Summary:  Westhope and Fairview were each very small towns in the same valley in Wyoming, recently relocated so that the valley could serve as a water reservoir. To save money and labor the two towns were combined into one not far from the shores of the reservoir. All of the townsfolk are settling into their new, factory shiny, homes, and the local government is gearing up for an election season to trim the duplication of town officials.

Charley Albright, formerly of Fairview, thinks one of the mayoral candidates, the Westhope attorney Hilary Beedle, is the antichrist. Charley has made it his mission to stop Beedle at all costs, to save the town and all the world.

Started for 2013 NaNoWriMo.

Title: The Diary of Ida Mae Quackenslack
Status:  Background work begun
Summary:  Two young siblings move with their parents to an abandoned rambling mansion in the hopes of fixing it up into a bed a breakfast. Neighbors obviously think something is strange about the house, even though no one will admit to it. While trying to uncover the history and secrets of the house the two children stumble upon a diary shoved into a wall in the attic. The diary claims to belong to Ida Mae Quackenslack and the story within it is too strange and disturbing to be true, but evidence they find in the house indicates that it might be.
Title: Penelope Sea and Ocean End
Genre:  For Youngins - 9 & up
Status:  on the Bean
and on sale through Amazon. Summary:  Everything that's lost ends up in Ocean End. Penelope is extremely unhappy to have moved towns with her parents and restlessly pokes around in their new house until she finds a doll house in the attic that shifts the reality around her. Now she must find a way back.

Posted weekly on the Bean from 11/4/2014
For sale through Amazon in both print and Kindle editions.
Title: Penelope Sea and Ocean End 2
Genre: For Youngins - advanced readers?
Status:  Started
Summary:  Penelope was never going to touch that doll house again, but she couldn't convince her new brother of the danger. Now he is lost and she's the only one who knows where he is, and how to get him back again.